Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Weather not so nice today

It is raining today and the perfect day to stay in and curl up with a good book; a crochet hook or knitting needles and some yarn. It is on the cool side. Only in the 60's. Not humid at all in spite of the rain. I have all of my windows and doors open enjoying the coolness. I did have to go out to the post office to mail the shawl to Natalie in Iowa. This was the shawl going to the families of the mining tragedy. I also had some cloths and a couple of cast covers, so I got them mailed off to Dana at Loves4TroopsPlus. It's always nice to get things done and sent. I feel like I accomplished something now.

I went to the grocery store after I went to the post office seeing as it is right around the corner. Of course I went with no list but only had 6 things to get. We needed sandwich baggies for the guys for their lunch and of course that was the only thing I forgot. I remembered the dry cat food but couldn't go a couple of isles down for the baggies. *shaking my head* So now I have to make another trip out in the rain. LOL I have to go to Sears Hardware to pick up some cotton gloves for work anyway, so I might as well do that all at once. *sigh*

We are having veggie lasagna for dinner this afternoon. It's by Stouffers. Not homemade. It's very good though. It takes 2 hrs to bake so I started it at 10am so it will be done by noon. I also remembered to pick up some Italian bread while I was at the store and that was not even on the list. LOL

I'm not sure what I will be working on this afternoon. I have a shawl in progress that I may work on. It's with Vanna's Choice yarn and V-Stitch pattern. Oh shoot! Was I using the J or K hook? I put everything away and I was just thinking about that and not sure which one it was. I always keep the hook I am using with the project so this doesn't happen. That's the beauty of having more than one hook in the same size. I may be able to figure it out though once I get going. I hope so anyway. Gessh!

Well....until time...



Sandie said...

I also use the Stouffer's lasagna. So easy, but you do have to plan the timing.
I try to remember to attach a card to my project with the info about the pattern and which hook I'm using. It has saved me more than once!

Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

We also use Stouffers lasagna, we love it. It is actually a good meal and I get no complaints from Hubby.
I just love your shawl, you are very talented and I am sure that the receiver of this one with be incased with the love and warmth that was in your heart when you were making it.