Monday, October 22, 2007

DWTS will certainly be interesting to see if I actually get to see it tonight. Not sure yet on how I am going to make this happen but, I will come up with something. I have missed the last couple of weeks and things are really going to get interesting on who goes home from here on out.

I started knitting socks but, the process takes so long. I took the same yarn and found an easy crochet pattern and have been working on that during lunch time and breaks at work. It is going ok I think. or maybe I am not a sock making person. Some people aren't you know. We'll see what happens.

If nothing else happens, I do need to get the ends tucked on the scarf for Millie and get them in the mail to her. 3 are already in the box patiently waiting. I'll take a pic of it before I get it sent. I do not have enough yarn to do a border on it and told Millie about it. She may have some left over Renegade to put a border on it for me. I don't want to leave it this way nor do I want to buy another skein just to put a border on. UGH!
This will add one more scarf to Dee's 60 scarves in 60 days challenge.

Well...judging by the ole clock on the is pet feeding time. They eat at 4am on the days I work but, they end up waiting on the days I'm off. They really don't care either way as long as they eat. They do realize they are on MY time and they don't rush me. LOL

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

DWTS can be watched on line. If ever you miss it. I should of told you before. Just go to ABC and look it up. I am looking forward to tonight's show. YOu are so charity orientated with your scarfs. I think it is wonderful. How is the shawl coming that you started. I have not been crocheting much.

Sandie said...

I like to watch the results show online on YouTube - you get just the results with no commercials or all that extra that makes it last so long. I think the last one I saw was under 8 minutes.
I have not watched the entire show online before but good to know it is available. I might check that out because I think chuck comes on at the same time.

Sandie said...

I just looked it up. DWTS at ABC is at