Tuesday, October 30, 2007

San Diego Wild Fire Blanket Project

I believe this is going to be an on going project seeing as there is such devastation out there.

If you need patterns, here are some to get you going. I hope this helps.



8" Square Information Sheet

Squares need to be:* Machine Wash & Dryable*

Preferred Worsted Weight in Acrylic*

If Wool Blend - please enclose a note as such so we can seperate in case of allergies*

Patterns - Knitted or crochet YOUR CHOICE!*

If you would like to enclose a note, a prayer, well wishes... PLEASE do!*

If you would like to assist in joining the squares into strips - please make them 7 blocks long - joined by either single crochet or mattress stitch. (again sort by type of yarn)

Send Donations To:

GeorgeAnne Smith
San Diego Wild Fire Blankets
PO Box 261859
San Diego,
CA 92126

Until next time...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Seem like the whole gang is at it again. As I make my rounds this morning. I am finding so many who have joined this cause. I will continue with this as long as they need square. I feel like a S4S member again.