Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday

Rachel and I had planned to do some shopping on Black Friday. I had a chance to work but, I decided it was more important to get some clothes for our trip to Aruba. So I have a nice 4 days off.

Kohl's opened their doors at 4am but, I was not about to get there at 4. I told her I was not going to set my alarm . I would be up when I'm up. Since I am usually up early anyway, I knew it was going to be around 4 or 4:30 I'd be up. I was up at 20 after 4. Not too bad. Rachel was up at 5am. After I had my coffee and fed the family pets that's about the time she was getting up and I went to shower and dress at 5:15. We were out the door at 5:50 and at the store a little after 6am. People were already leaving the store with there bags of goodies when we arrived. Rachel commented that we must be insane to be doing this. lol They had all registers open with every available employee working. When I worked at Wal-Mart in CT, everyone HAD to work.

Anyway, we managed to find the coats and after looking around, Rachel found a nice leather jacket. I have a long one that goes pasts my knees but, this one is a car length that zippers. $180 on sale for $70. I went over to the jeans dept and found a couple of pair of Lee jeans and tried them on. I also tried them on with the jacket and both look ok. I did not find any tops so I will go to Fashion Bug or over to JC Penny and look around. I still have a little time.

When we left Kohls it was 7:30am and headed over to the Wal-Mart in Elkton, MD. I think it's only about 10 mins away. There were really no people there to speak of. We half expected the store to be crowded but, there was hardly anyone there. No lines at the registers or anything. Unless they all came and left by the time we go there. I did manage to get Josh Groben's new Christmas CD 'Noel' but, have not listened to it yet. We listen to Christmas music as we are putting up the tree and decorations. We were home about 9:30 I think.

I went to the post office and sent off the shawl to Autumn in Texas and headed over to JoAnn's. They had WoolEase yarn on sale for 2 for $4.00. Vanna's Choice was not on sale so I got 6 skeins of Rose Heather and 6 skeins of Blush heather. I love the softness of this yarn. I am really having a hard time going back to Red Heart after using Vanna's and WoolEase. Also at JoAnn's they had Sterilite plastic containers on sale for 1/2 off so I got one. I looked to see what size it is and the label doesn't say but, it holds 12 skeins of yarn nicely. If they had another one there, I would have gotten that one also but, this was the only one left.

As you can see on the top of the container I started my next project. I started a shawl with the Snapdragon stitch pattern. Some on one of my other groups made one and it came out very nice. The pattern can be found in the Leisure Arts leaflet #555, 63 Easy-to-Crochet Pattern Stitches and is #56. It's a very easy pattern to follow. I just don't think that I can post the pattern here. I just hope I don't get bored with the pattern. It happens sometimes and I start over again doing something different. lol

I guess that's it for today. I am hoping to get a couple of the kids together today and get some of the leaves picked up and bagged. They are almost all off of the trees now.

Have a wonderful weeekend!

Until next time...



Sandie said...

Hi! I had a similar experience with regards the shopping. I only went to WalMart but the crowds were definitely manageable. I think this is because WalMart didn't post their ads online before Thanksgiving so people eliminated them from the mix, having to make a decision as to where they needed to be at what time. Those that relied on the paper ads or wanted to go only to their local stores (like me) chose WalMart. And those that were already headed there for their regular shopping, of course. We bought a set of pots, a foam mattress and DVDs.

Anonymous said...

I have that book and checked out that pattern and it is lovely. It is going to make a beautiful shawl.