Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bon Dia

That is how they say good morning in Aruba. The native language is a creole dialect called Papiamento which is made up of elements of Dutch, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, a number of different African languages, and Arawak Indian. Everyone on the island is able to speak English and Spanish, in addition to Dutch, which is the official language of Aruba.

We had the most perfect week ever. On Monday, our driver came at exactly 5am to take us to Philly airport. We got our bags checked and went through everything and had about 1 1/2 hour wait. I did not mind that because we were there and everything was done. Just waiting for the plane to arrive. We left on time, arrived in Aruba on time and everything went so smoothly. We got a taxi from the airport to the hotel and checked in.

Monday we did not plan on doing anything. Just unpacking getting something to eat and taking a nap. Doug knows how I love to horse back ride, so we made reservations to go on Tuesday afternoon. We were the only 2 people who went. It was a 2 hr ride and such fun. There was also a sunset sail catamaran trip we wanted to go on Wednesday for our anniversary but, it was all booked so we made reservations for Thursday night instead. For our anniversary, they have helicopter rides you can take for either 15 or 30 min. Neither one of us has ever been in a helicopter so, thought that would be neat. It was so thrilling! I took a lot of pics from the back seat and Doug took pics from the front seat. I do hope they come out.

It rains a little bit every day in Aruba but, not enough to spoil any plans. Usually by the time you get out of the rain it stops anyway. Not so on Thursday. The bus was to come at 4:30 to pick us up from the hotel. The catamaran trip was to take off at 5:30pm. It rained all day! Not a light but, really raining. Up until 3:00 that is. The rain stopped, the sun came out and the bus came, the boat took off and we saw THE most beautiful sunset ever! Doug took pics and people on board were taking turns taking each others pics so that both people could be in the pic. It was so much fun. That also was a 2 hour trip. We had made reservations for 8:30pm at the Paparazzi restaurant which has excellent food by the way. We ate there twice.

I also don't want to forget to mention that every morning we had a big breakfast. Scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, french toast, pancakes, hash, potatoes, hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit, yogurt, croissants, mini muffins. I'm sure I left something out. lol We didn't eat ALL of that but, that's what was offered. After breakfast, every morning, we had a half hour walk.

Friday was a different story all by itself which I will update later. Although we enjoyed our trip very much, it is also good to be home.

Until next time...

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Sandie said...

Welcome back, Bunny! It sounds like you had a great vacation. Can't wait to hear about Friday. You were missed, but I'm glad you and your hubby had fun.