Saturday, December 15, 2007

Much to do, so little time

Here it is Saturday already and the question arises.."Are you packed yet?" "No", I answer. "You know I don't pack until the day before, ok maybe an hour before we are suppose to leave". Laundry has to be done, things have to get done and packing is not a priority at this point.
This year will be different. I can't promise anything but, seeing as our flight takes off at 7:30am on Monday morning and we have to be at the airport at LEAST 2 hours ahead, I will be ready! We have never missed a flight or been late for a flight yet. I am not about to start with this one.
I do have a list of things I need to get done today so I had not planned to go to bed at 10pm last night but, I was so tired that I just went not thinking about it. Not until 3:30am came this morning and I was wide awake. lol Oh yeah! I HAD to go to bed at 10pm. Oh well. This can work out to the good though. Everyone is sleeping. I can shower and eat and head out early without waiting for anyone and get everything done that I need to get done. On MY time! lol
Doug is a list person and much to my surprise he has not made one yet. He is the one usually packed a week before we have to go. How in the world ANYONE can do that I will NEVER know. I do have to say though, the list prospect is appealing to me this morning. If I have time, I may just try it. Although, the prospects of me forgetting to put something on the list is just as great as me forgetting to pack it anyway. So, I guess in that case, I really didn't need it to begin with.

1. Go to the post office and mail out the box of hats to Millie. They open the earliest and I can get this done first. I can then rest easier knowing that the box will arrive and there will be 11 people at the homeless shelter with warmer heads. Wish I could more. When I get back.
2. Go to the bank. They open next and will take a few minutes from the post office to get there so, this will be next on my list.
3. Fluffy's litter box and the fish tank are also on my list of things to do but there are other things I need to get done first. Sorry guys!
4. I may start the laundry now seeing as nobody is up yet. :o) Yes! That's it!

With my first cup of coffee gone now, and it's just past 5am. I guess I can start moving. Hmmm...breakfast or shower? Ok..breakfast first then shower. Quaker Oats Oatmeal Strawberries and Cream? or Apples and cinnamon?
Strawberries and Cream. There are only 2 packages left and I can put one in the Apples and Cinamon box and eat the other one and throw the box away. Yep! Sounds like a plan.

Have a wonderful weekend! I must start my day by feeding the family pets first. Almost forgot that one. LOL

Until next time...


Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

Have a great weekend Bunny and enjoy your trip. You so deserve it!!!!'''


Sandie said...

Looks like lists to me. LOL Have a wonderful time!! It will be nice to get away and just enjoy your couple time.

Anonymous said...

christmas hustle and bustle but in a different way. enjoy your trip, you sure deserve it. My favorite is apples and cinnamon.