Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update on new job

Yesterday I started my 3rd week. Hard to believe but true. Time has really flown by. I am learning. It is not as hard as I thought it would be. I still have a lot to learn but, am liking what I have learned so far.
My 1st 2 weeks they put with with a guy, Chris, that has been there for 4 yrs. What better person to put me with. He trained Steve, now he gets to train his mother. lol Which is easier? We'll let him decided that. Yesterday, after 2 weeks, I am on different machines, with a different person. It must be a record that I start at 8am and by 8:30 I am already pissed off. This Mike, did not let me 'do' anything. He got all of the bottles from the machines. Had all of the machine safety checked, bottles filled with water for leak testing and that is what I was suppose to be doing. I finally said something to Chris what he was doing and how he pissed me off. I also told him that I was not claiming to know everything but, I need to so it for myself and learn. If I screw up then, that's how I learn. Chris said something to Mike about backing off and he did. It's sort of like, don't call me, I'll call you sort of thing. I like knowing there is always someone there to help you out, BUT WHEN NEEDED. I think I will be at these machines for 2 weeks like I was with the others. Which is ok by me. I handled things quite well yesterday. A couple of times Chris had come to my rescue but, it was warranted. I like Chris. I don't like Mike. lol
Mike is a long story that has started on Doug's shift but, because of time won't go into here. I take things personally when people mess with my family. They instantly get on my blacklist. Now, I get to work with him. I have tried to put my feelings aside and did quite well with it on Friday. He was having a rough day with the machines, he doesn't know how to run them, and decided that, all feelings aside I had to help him. After all, he did help me out a few times over the 1st 2 weeks.
My main objective, if I were to have one :o), is to have a better pack out than he had. I see what he does as far as rejecting the amount of bottles after the machine starts up and he dumps far too many. Not necessary. Likewise, when the line backs up from the packers out back, he waits far too long to start the bottles moving again. They are all going into regrind. Again. Not necessary. I want to be better than him. Something to prove? Maybe?..maybe not. That's for me to know. :o)
We'll see how today goes. It would best serve him to stay out of my way and let me do my work.

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

I love it when a woman reaches her limit and takes the lead. Good luck to you.

Sandie said...

Sounds like things are progressing well overall. You do have to stick up for yourself and I agree that if someone else always does it, how are you to learn? I also do get annoyed when someone messes with my family.

Sandy said...

You've got a goal, thats important; otherwise how do you know how you're doing. It's great to keep challenging ourselves. Thats what keeps us young. Keep at it!


Have a super week

Anonymous said...

If you have tried to visit my blog and were given a message that it could not be viewed with Internet Explorer, I believe we may have fixed the problem. Please visit me and leave a note if you can get there again to let us know it is now working. I have no idea what happened but I have not blocked anyone from my blog, just a glitch we hope is fixed now. Thank you.

Sandy said...

Waving...just thinnking of you and wanted you to know it.