Thursday, October 30, 2008

I caught the phever

The Phillie Phever that is. It was not very hard to catch either. I am not a very big sport nut especially baseball. Heck, the only time I follow anything is when it's reported in the news. The thing that got me going was the fact they have not won a world series since 1980. Here it is 2008. That's a long time! I'm sure they have gotten to play in the series they just haven't won one.

We had such nasty weather on Monday the called the game with 3 1/2 innings left to play. I'm not sure the reason was for not calling the game earlier. The game was suppose to play Tuesday but, weather again played an important role in suspending the game until last night.

Not being too superstitious in nature, (there are occasions I think I am though), I was not going to watch the game because they were doing fine without me and I did not want to jinx them. Oh what the hell! How bad can it be? There are 3 1/2 inning left. Watch it! I did. It was a very exciting game. On Monday when they ended the game it was tied 2-2. Last night, the Phillies went ahead 3-2. The Tampa Bay Rays then scored a run to make it 3-3. The Phillies got another run which made it 4-3. Tampa Bay got up again and almost made it 4-4 but, the guy was out at home plate. Not by much mind you! A split second could have changed everything.

I was going to go to bed at this point seeing as it was 10pm. When I go back from letting Sasha in, I noticed that it was the ninth inning with 2 outs and the Rays were up. How can I go to bed with one more out to go?? I have gone to bed later than 10:00 before with no major catastrophe. I am so glad I stayed up! I was so happy for the Phillies. Words cannot describe what happened at the stadium afterwards. Other than pandemonium. Wall to wall people in the streets. Philly is not going to be the same for quite a while.

They will have a parade tomorrow for the team and the weather should hold out and be rather decent.

What an exciting time for them!

Until next time...

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