Friday, November 7, 2008

This is right on the money!

Your Autumn Test Results

You are a energetic, warm, optimistic person. You approach everything with a lot of enthusiasm.

When you are happiest, you are calm. You appreciate tradition and family. You enjoy feeling cozy.

You tend to be afraid of change. You are never ready for things to be different.

You find love to be the most comforting thing in the world. You feel at peace when you're with your loved ones.

Your ideal day is active and full. You like to keep busy with your favorite things, and you appreciate a routine.

You tend to live in the moment. You enjoy whatever is going on, and you don't obsess over the past or future.

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Anonymous said...

As I know you this does seem right on. I love your new pregnant button.

Sandie said...

Mine was not right on as yours. Actually yours could be mine. I do not like change. It said I embraced change. :-) However, I do tend to obsess over things, past, present and future. LOL