Friday, December 19, 2008

Sickness runs rampant

Starting this past Sunday, Rachel became sick. She chalked it up to food poisioning after eating at TGI Fridays. She ate the same thing she always does but, I told her something just didn't sit right. Doug and I thought she just picked up a bug. Well..yesterday morning I woke up and started having my coffee and just didn't feel right. I told Doug it was like having extra strong coffee and not being used to it. Although we did switch coffee, we have been drinking it all week with no problem. I went to work anyway and ended up going home at 9:30am. Yep! I got what Rachel had. Today I am feeling somewhat better at least eating soup. Yesterday I had breakfast but lost that later on, and didn't have anything since. I am going to heat up more soup in a minute. Last night Steve came home from work and after he ate supper said he didn't feel right. Yep! He got it also. I am so trying to find a way to have Doug not get it. I am disinfecting the bathroom and everything so I really I hope he doesn't. I have not been this sick in forever.

On the brighter side of this week..Roger called last night and said that they had a drs appointment and they know the baby will be a boy. I said it was a girl but am thrilled either way. Not sure if they picked out a name or not. The phone was funky and the connection not good. I will find that out later.

On an even brighter Doug and I had our 21st anniversary. Last Sunday we went to TGI Fridays for our dinner knowing he had to work this weekend.

This morning I got up and found this:

Knowing I collect Boyd's Bears he got me Mr. & Mrs. Bearlove...I Do. It plays the Wedding March.

Later on in the afternoon, there was a knock on the door and these arrived:

The flowers smell awesome and are very beautiful. Thank you so much Hon! I love you. I'm sorry I was sick and not able to get out to get you anything but, Christmas is coming. Hehehehe. I hope you had a good night.

Until next time...



Anonymous said...

Sorry you all got the flu. It is hitting everyone. Feel better soon for all of you, I hope. The baby is getting really big by the picture. And I love all your goodies. Seems like it was this time last year you took that wonderful vacation for you anniversary. The bears are wonderful and your arrangement adds lots of festivity to your table. You got you a good man there.

Sandie said...

Sorry you're sick, but what a honey you have! Happy Anniversary. All that special attention for your anniversary must have helped to make you feel better.

Boy or girl, babies are a wonderful blessing!

Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

Feel better soon Bunny and Happy Anniversary!!