Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bev's Newborn Pea-Pod Cozy

Well..I am finally done with this. I think it came out ok but, I don't think I would do another. Of course you can vary the size to suit the needs of different size babies. The pattern says this would be good for babies up to 3 months. There are a couple of things I did different than the pattern. Not my idea but, one of the ladies in her challenge did this and I thought it was a very good idea.

First, before binding off, K2TOG across, next row Purl2TOG across, next row K2TOG there should be 6 stitches left or however many you have. Thread yarn through stitches left on hook and draw closed. The other thing she did was to make a drawstring bottom so as to be able to open it up to change diapers. I thought that was excellent. Not sure I made my drawstring quite long enough but, I think it will be ok. I will get feedback when I send it out whether I will make more of these or not. There are a couple of mistakes in it but, unless you know where they are, you'll never know. lol I can't tell by looking at it. So, I hope it will be ok.

Pattern: Bev's Newborn Pea-Pod Cozy

Yarn used: 3 strands of Wool-Ease in Wheat

Needles size: 15" circular

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. Doug is working today and tomorrow and Steve and I are working tomorrow. Steve has next Friday off. I hope they will give me Friday also. This will give us a 3 day weekend. Nice!

I hope all of your projects go well and leave the frogs in the pond! lol

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Anonymous said...

This came out really adorable I can see why the name is called Pea Pod Cozy. I can just see a tiny little face peeking through that little hole. What a charming item.

Sandy said...

Very cute, I like the idea of being able to open from the botton too. 3 that seems thick. Was it hard to work with?