Saturday, January 10, 2009

One more sweater

I made the sweater first because I didn't know how much yarn I had to work with.

For the sweater:
I used a single strand of Red Heart in Cherry Chip.
I used a J hook.

For the Hat:
I used a double strand of Cherry Chip. I thought I had enough to finish it but, I did not.
I used a K hook.
To finish the hat, I used a double strand of Red Heart White. I then went back and put a single row of sc around the sweater so that it would match. I think it came out ok. I will go back and make a hat for the first sweater I made. I think I have enough yarn for that.
These will be going to the VNS of NY.

I need to go and put the thumbs in the mittens but, first I need to get some cleaning done today. I just have to get motivated. lol

I hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned.

Until next time...


Sandy said...

Looks like the pattern I like so much, have made about a doz using different yarn and needles to get various sizes for newborns and smaller ones for preemies. But, I didn't know Bev also had the pattern, the one I'm using is from Bundles of Love, copy righted by Beth back in Oct of 2004.

The other day I made the comment when I saw a pattern for an interesting square that I thought I had seen it before. Someone was trying out this "new" pattern and someone said they had just designed it and it was copy righted. I beginning to think there really aren't many new patterns out there, unless someone does an extensive search how would they know?

Anyway, I agree this is a great pattern, I've been wanting to try and experiment with it to see how many stitches to add to make it larger than infant etc.


Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

Another beauty Bunny. I just love the color and I think your choice of the white was perfect. The babies that receive them are going to look adorable.


Anonymous said...

So yummy!