Friday, January 23, 2009


Pattern: Bev's Newborn Shirt
Yarn: Caron One Pounder in Pale Green (Still working on the same skein as the pet snuggle)
Hook size: J
Hat pattern: single strand Super Simple Hat
Yarn: Caron One Pounder in Pale Green
Hook size: J
This will be going to Millie for VNS of NY. I am off from work today so, I will see what I can do about getting all of these boxes out. Actually there are 3. One to Scarlet and Sandy also. I am making some headway on this destashing thing, even though it really doesn't look like it. Did I really have all of this yarn, I can do so much with and not have to buy any more? Sheesh! At first I started having withdrawals not going to Joann's but, having a job outside of the house really helps get the mind off of things. lol
It's suppose to get up to 50 degrees today. A good day to get both cars out to get washed. They are so filthy. It has been so cold here lately and will go back to being cold this weekend. So, this will be the best day to get it done. Makes me glad I have off and can enjoy it.
Have a great weekend!
Until next time...


June said...

Just beautiful! I want to try these patterns soon. You do such great work!

Scarlet said...

Absolutely beautiful Bunny. I love the color, as you can see I am partial to greens. :) Have a great day at work and a wonderful weekend.


Sandie said...

I keep meaning to make one of these - every time I see how beautiful they are. I have a one pounder in that green too. Keep on posting your lovely works. They are so encouraging!


Sometime I feel like my yarn stash is at a stand still then other times it feels like an over abundance. My sister won't let me run out. About once a week she is sending more yarn. I am beginning to feel buried in yarn but you know I love it! Your baby outfits are so dear and thanks so much for helping us with the pet pads. I know you recently faced a loss of a beloved pet and it was so kind of you to do that for us.

Sandy said...

Such a pretty color. I've used the other version of this pattern, but believe Bev's is a little larger, maybe I need to use it next time. I've used The Bundles of Love by Beth, but with lighter weight yarns, sometimes I end up with a preemie.

Your cute little hat with it is soooooo cute.