Monday, April 27, 2009

Blog much??? lol

WOW! I hadn't realized that I hadn't update this. Not a whole lot has been going on anyway.

Roxie is doing really well. She is up to 40.3 lbs now as of last Tuesday. She is 4 months old now and pretty much has her big teeth. Those baby ones are so sharp. She has one more visit May 21st for another shot. Easy in and out visit. I will have her weighed again also. Like the rest of us, she does not like the heat. I have the ceiling fans going but, not helping much. Not sure what we'll do when summer really gets here. I say that every year and come out the other side just fine and look forward to the coolness of Fall. OK...let's not rush things. Time is moving too fast as it is.

It has been so hot here over the last few days. I haven't even thought of crocheting.I am almost done with Brady's quilt. I have to put the last border on it and then put it together. Not sure what I was thinking, I cut the top and bottom borders too short about 2". I can always add to it but I don't like doing that if I don't have to. I can always make the border narrower thus having enough fabric to finish with. The baby shower is May 9th. I will not have it done by then but, it will be done by the time he gets here around June 4th. (I hope!)

I hope all is well with everyone and hope you all have a good week.

Until next time...

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Ghost said...

It has been hot here too and some thunderstorms have been through also. Hope you will take a picture of Roxie to share soon.