Saturday, June 6, 2009

More hats

The pink hat on the left was made using Bernat Baby Stretch Hat. It is a knit pattern from the Bernat site. I used Lion Brand Pound of Love in Pastel Pink with size 6 needles. I got carried away a little and instead of making it 3" I made it 4". I followed the instructions for the smallest size and just forgot to stop. lol

The hat on the right was made with Baby Cap2 pattern. This is a crochet hat and very quick to make. I used Bernat Softee Baby yarn in Pink Parade. For some unknown reason, I used 2 strands instead of one. It is not so stretchy and it will be warm. Not sure what I was thinking on this one either.

This makes a total of 9 hats completed. I have them in one big baggie but, will get them into their own as soon as I get some more.

SUNY is having a baby shower on June 25th so, I will make what I can until then and send them all at once. It will be easier for that way. I don't always have a car to get to the post office so, I have to wait until the weekend. This just gives me a little more time to get things together without feeling rushed.

I will work on something else now. I have a few patterns to look through. The SUNY can use more than hats. I posted the list a couple of posts back.

Have a great weekend! The need is great out there. Not just VNS of NY and SUNY but, many other places as well. Please keep the hooks and needles going. Let's not forget the pets either. There are kennels looking for pet pads also. I sent a couple to Millie not too long ago. Our mission is ongoing. Wherever your heart leads you...go for it! :o)

Until next time...


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Sandie said...

Nice hats, Bunny! Good job. You're so right in that there are plenty of needs out there. Odds are good whatever you like to create, it's needed somewhere. I sent a pack of hats to Millie Friday. Our post office is not open on weekend. My next batch goes to Vanessa for her Guatemalan mission trip. The need is never ending.