Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One more hat

This hat was made with Bev's Secret Striped Beanie knit pattern. I used Bernat Softee Baby in Chiffon Print with a size 6 needle. I posted the link to this pattern yesterday I think. This will also be going to SUNY. I will have the car tomorrow seeing as I have to take Roxie to the vet to have her stitches removed so, I will get these in the mail after I take Rachel to work. I am not sure what day Millie was suppose to see the lady from SUNY. Wish I could remember her name but, if these are not in time for this delivery, they will be there for the next one.
Have a wonderful day!
Until next time...


Crochet Princess Beth said...

Love the colors - pretty hat! 4 days to baby!!! How exciting!!! :)

Crochet Princess Beth said...

P.S. I will pass this information to the ladies in my charity - our meeting is Tuesday. We have baby items to help out!