Sunday, November 8, 2009

Super Simple Hat pattern

Super simple Hat pattern. I'm not sure what is different about today than yesterday but, I was able to get to Marlo's site with no problem. so here is the link to the pattern. the pattern can be used from newborn to adult with any yarn. Single strand or double. I'm not sure how many hats I have made over the years with this pattern but, it is one of my favs.

Today has been gorgeous. In the 70's. Doors & windows open. You gotta love it. I keep saying that this is not right that it should be this warm in Nov but, I am certainly not complaining.

I have one more hat completed and have started another. Everyone is doing such a great job sending items to Sandy for the homeless. It certainly feels good to know we are helping people, one person at a time.

Until next time...


Ghost said...

Boy, I got there yesterday and tried to do one of the hats and it started to ruffle on me when I did the adult male size. So gave up. I must not be doing something right.

Ghost said...

OOPS wrong pattern. Sorry.

Sandy said...

Right you are Bunny, helping one person at a time, one stitch at a time. It's a good feeling indeed. Your goodies came yesterday. They'll appear in a couple of days on the blog. Been trying to schedule a new post every couple of days rather then bunches of pictures all at one time, so please check back.

I'll hop over to check out the pattern today too. Haven't been home long enough all day to do that. Love patterns though that are that flexible with regard to size.

Thanks for posting, and as always thanks for your wonderful heart and hands.