Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a happy & healthy new year.

I was checking out my charity goal for this year. I set it at 200 items. I really thought that 200 was attainable but, I did not make my goal. The good news is, I sent out 93 items and that's 93 people I helped this year. Put them all in a room and that's a lot of people. Upset I didn't make it? Nope! I didn't make anything over the summer which hurt my chances of making my goal. If I were to just crochet items it would be no problem. It goes so much fasting than knitting does but, I knitted mittens and hats and those items take me longer to do. Will I join the challenge next year? You bet! Those ladies rocked this year! The group, as a whole, made over 52,000 items! That is awesome!

I don't know what 2010 has in store for me but, I do know that a big part of it will be my charity giving. I have started a new to me knitting hat pattern. It uses 2 colors. Have have done anything like that so, it'll be interesting to see how I make out with it. It is so much easier using one color and just going but, felt the need to challenge myself a bit.

Happy New Year! Stay safe this holiday weekend.

Until next year....

Bunny out!


Sandie said...

93 items is wonderful!! And that is with a full time job. I think that is great. As you say, it all depends on what you're making. yo-yos count as 1 and a sweater counts as one. They are obviously not the same as far as labor intensity. So numbers are nice, but we make what is needed not what will bring our numbers up. As you say, 93 people are warm and comforted because of your work. Kudos!

Sandy said...

Popping in from The Bridge to wish all my special big hearted people Happy New Years.

Like you, I didn't meet my goal this year, which was also 200. At one point I stopped counting because I knew I wouldn't be even close. Like you, I'd like to do more; but don't beat myself up. Lost time when Mom was so sick, also do some knitting. The numbers don't matter, what matters is we make a difference and that's totally awesome in my book.

Like you, I'll join the challenge again in the coming year.

Kudos all around,
and Happy New Year my friend
Posted something you'll enjoy, hop over.

Ghost said...

I admire all you do. I was in bevs group and felt stressed all the time. but it is a great group for sure.