Saturday, January 9, 2010

2nd hat

I will try and be more original with the titles. lol
The pattern for this hat: Adult Hat Pattern Fitted & Knitted - for straight needles. This is also an easy pattern for beginner knitters
Yarn used: Sensations Neutral Rainbow Classic
Needles used: Susan Bates Velocity size 9. The label on the yarn suggests size 10. When crocheting I usually go up a size. The smaller size makes it a little tighter but not too tight where it bunches up.
This hat will be going to Scarlet for the homeless.
Until next time...


Ghost said...

It looks like a tiger. I love how the colors blend on this one. Nice work bunny.

Scarlet said...

Beautiful Bunny!!!. Thank you and so colorful as well. You are very creative and talented.'


Sandy said...

What cool colors, keep up the good work.