Sunday, March 28, 2010

Going green!

A couple weeks ago my lys, Stitches With Style, went green. They no longer supply bags for purchases. Large or small. They encourage you to bring your own. If you don't bring a bag, your card does not get punched for purchases. They had one pattern for a bag that was a knit pattern. After reading through it, it sounded confusing and didn't bother with it. In last weeks newsletter, Linda announced that for the crocheters, there is a free pattern at there website. I clicked through and was pleasantly surprised to see it was Suzie's Go Green Market Bag pattern.
Before I left my knitting class yesterday, I bought 3 skeins of yarn just for this purpose. The bag on the left was made with Pound of Love yarn. I think it was pale green or something. The bag on the right was made from Plymouth Yarn Encore knitting ww #7141 (variegated) & # 0801. Good thing I incorporated the solid color or I would not have had enough yarn to finish the bag. I have 1 more skein to make 1 more bag. That will mean there will be 3 less plastic bags to bring home for the grocery store. I am really pleased on how they turned out. We'll see how they make out at the store. I have seen some people bring as many as 10 bags with them. I have not seen anyone with crocheted bags before but, why not? I should price the bags they have to sell. The Plymouth yarn bag cost me $5.00 to make. The POL bag was cheaper and came out just as well. I also thought with going green, I should have green yarn. Just my idea of fun, I guess. You can use whatever color you want.
I did use the recommended hook size that went with the pattern. I wouldn't go any bigger with the hook unless you are a tight crocheter. I wouldn't want any more stretch to the bag. I also went with the shorter handles to eliminate stretch also. I did use a cd in the bottom also.
Well that's it for now I guess. When I get the other bag finished I will post a pic of it.
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Sandy said...

Love the look, and like that you made them in green. Well done. I've not made bags, but do take my own 98% of the time. I always have those silky bags in the cars, so handy.

I have a note on my desk and am not sure if I remembered to let you know your donations came. I have it marked like I did; but I don't remembering doing figured twice was better than not at all.

Many thanks for the donations, both the yarn and knitted and crocheted items. As always, I marvel at your work.

Happy Easter
Visiting all Bridge this am