Friday, June 10, 2011


Yes! I am off today and tomorrow. YIPPEE! Not enjoying the heat though but, we are getting into summer aren't we? lol Had a thunder and lightening storm last night but, no rain. :( We need it bad!

I found a new dishcloth/washcloth pattern. It's from Thrifty Knitter. Not that I need any more patterns but, am always on the look out for interesting ones. Sometimes one comes along that's a must have. I'm going to print this one out and give it a shot.

The jury is still out as to where I will send the items I'm making but, there is a connection in Alabama through the Ohio Binky Patrol. Sandy and I have been looking into this. It would be nice to help out the people down there. Even in a small way. I have given myself until the end of June anyway. I should have something by then.

Enjoy your weekend and stay cool! Watch the pets and elderly and drink plenty of water.

Until next time...

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Sandy said...

Looks like a cool pattern. Don't know if I'd want to change yarn that often though, lol.

I'm thinking if I get the pink poodle ghan done it may go to the Binky Patrol for Alabama. I think maybe the weight of the blanket is good? Or do you think its too warm for that? If not, I'll add it to the Bridge stuff; but like you said...we're looking into how best to help.

Question for you regarding slip stitches at the beginning of a row. I've read doing that makes a nicer edge. What puzzles me is how does it connect? I've done slip stitches in the middle of rows (currently in fact on an eyelet pattern), but if you keep slipping off the first stitch isn't it separated from the rest of the row? I can't invision it somehow?