Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year, New Me. A stress free zone.

I know I haven't blogged in a while and wasn't quite sure what to blog about. Until this morning, that is.

I am not a believer in New Year resolutions. I have done that in the past with no success whatsoever. So, I stopped. What resolution did I really want to keep anyway? I did it because it was the thing to do, I guess. I have noticed that i am slowly changing myself as the new year gets going. I am finding that, I do not need to get myself stressed out over things I have no control over. As, anyone in my family will tell you, I am a control freak. Very slowly and one by one, I am giving up control over situations. I am not picking restaurants any more. Oh sure! If there is somewhere I'd like to go I'll say so but, there are other people also. Just because we set a time for leaving, I am not going to stress myself out over the fact we are 5 minutes leaving to get there at a certain time. The restaurants we go to don't take reservations anyway. What difference does it make? None! I am no longer taking charge of the bill. Let others pay. I don't need to control that part either. Of course like yesterday I had cash.

I am also going to enjoy the journey of knitting. If a project takes me a couple of days to do then, that's ok. It's not a rush to see how fast I can get things done. The power of one is big but, the power of a group is huge! I don't have to do it all.

I think the thing that gets me thinking is the fact that I will be turning 60 in July. Now this is huge! lol As a kid, I thought I will never be THAT old! Well... guess what? It's not really that old at all. I have noticed a slowing process and I am liking it. There is no need to rush any more. Enjoy the journey! Enjoy life! We don't know when we will be called home so, we need to enjoy the day to day.

I am enjoying going to my craft room and 'shopping' for yarn. I did get it somewhat organize with the same yarns together. Worsted weight, wool, baby yarns, etc. I am doing well knitting/crocheting my stash down. It's going to take me a while but, I am enjoying doing it.

With that said. Have a wonderful day and enjoy it! This is a stress free zone and I love it!

Until next time...


Sandy said...

Popping in to say to all my special friends from Bridge and Beyond today. Nice post lady!

Sandie said...

Just having made 59, I hear ya. We don't know how many years we have so best make the best use of those we do and enjoy them!

Sandy said...

Rounding today from Sandy's Space, hope you're staying warm.

Sherry said...

My husband reminds me of this every day. It does us no good to stress, its not going to make anything any better. Lay it in the hands of the lord.

I too decided even though some crocheter and knitters may be able to make 3 hats in one day I take my time and enjoy the act of crocheting as I had started back up to relieve my stress. So if it takes me two or three days so be it.

I just turned 52 in October and though my teenage son loves to make me feel ancient I know how young I feel inside. We are as young as we feel.

I am glad that you have set your mind to have a stress free zone.

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