Friday, April 17, 2015


I am off today! I'm suppose to be off all weekend but, I am going to be covering for someone tomorrow because they are taking a vacation day. That's ok. Instead of 36 hrs this week, I'll end up with 48 hrs. Not a bad thing. It's a little wet this morning but, hopefully won't rain all day.

When you have spare time today, why not hop over to my friend Sandy's blog Bridge and Beyond. Today's post is about Jack Otis. She knew him in school. It's a sad story but, one that needs to be told about homelessness. A face and a name to a person makes it real. Homelessness can happen to anyone. His death is not in vain s we continually knit, crochet, loom items for the homeless. Whether it be hats, mittens, scarves, slippers, whatever. We care!

Until next time...



Sandy said...

So right you are Bunny, and thanks for posting about Jack and what we do on Bridge and Beyond. Much appreciated. You'll get some good over time hours.

Sandy said...

Happy Sunday!