Friday, May 1, 2015

I'm so over April!

  May is finally here and the flowers and trees and all of the colors that go with them will be out really soon! April showers bring May flowers. Can't wait! It's been a long cold winter and we are definitely in need of Spring. Every chance I get I open windows and on the days I work, Doug does the same thing. It's still a little chilly at night but, not bad.

  This warmer weather coming is especially good for the homeless that have no shelter to go to. The elements are extremely difficult to deal with but, some people have to. I certainly wish there was a concrete way to eradicate the problem but, there isn't. It's on going. There are agencies out there that are doing their best to help. Michelle Obama started the Mayors Challenge to end veteran homelessness. Cities around the country have joined the challenge. It's really good to see something being done. Here is a Mayors Challenge map to see which cities are on board.

  I am still working on knitting items which will be sent to Sandy at Bridge and Beyond.

  Until next time...


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Sandy said...

Thank you for all you do, both with knitting, donating, and talking about the problems. All is appreciated. I too am enjoying seeing colorful trees and flowers again...sure makes you feel better after the gloom and cold of winter.