Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend over!

  My 3 day working weekend is over! I have today and tomorrow off. I asked yesterday about working tomorrow but, as I sit here this morning, I really don't want to go in. Working Mother's Day kind of sucked but, came home and my daughter had made chicken quesadillas. She really outdid herself. They were excellent! Nobody can make them like she can. Not Wawa.. not anybody! She also treated us to Dairy Queen for dessert. Brownie Cookie Dough Blizzard! Awesome! Calorie intake was off the chart but, that's ok. One day doesn't hurt too bad. As long as I get back on track.

  My knitting kind of took a back seat this weekend but, should be able to get back to it today. Not starting out doing anything. Even with 2 cups of coffee, it's difficult to get going. It is 8:30 so, I really should do something. LOL

  It's not very nice out today. Very humid. I have the windows open but, probably not a good thing. Everything is getting damp inside. I don't want to run the air conditioner. Ceiling fans are going. Hope the sun comes out.

Until next time...


Sandy said...

You just described the weather we've been having off and on for about a month. Makes me crazy, I don't turn on ac until we really have too, partially because of the cost, partially because of the environment and partially because we've been cooped up all winter and it's nice to have the windows open.

Glad you had such a nice Mothers Day Celebration, even if you did have to work, and right you are, one day of eating...not a problem. We have our fitbits to motivate us.

Sandy said...

Howdy, popping in as I make some blog rounds. Hope the weather has improved, it's finally warm here, but we keep having rainy windy days, followed by cooler then normal, then hotter then normal....just all over the place.

Sandy said...

Thought I'd pop in to see if you had returned to the world of blogging. Guess not.

Happy New Years.