Monday, June 18, 2007

Ambitious day..

After working a 4 day weekend, I've been taking Mondays as a do nothing day. Well...that is not always a good thing. I have been finding that, one do nothing day leads to the next and the next and it's time to go back to work and I feel worse than working another 12 hr shift. This week I have decided to do something different. My daughter Rachel and I are taking our bikes to the track about 10 mins from here. From what I have heard, it's 3 miles around. I won't know because I have no way to measure it, except with time. I can do a mile around here in about 10 mins I think. Although I never really timed that either. lol Walking takes me about 20 mins so I guess that's about right. It's suppose to get to 92 today so we are going early this morning. Of course, for her, early is 9:00. Oh least she's going. lol

When we bought the house, the previous owners put up a flowery border around the kitchen. Not something I would have done. Today is the day it comes down. :o) I have been wanting to repaint the kitchen for a while now and I think this will be the week it gets done. Keeping fingers crossed. Also, when we bought the house, there were open shelves over the washer and dryer. They had put a door there but it was too big and we took it down. I made curtains to hide everything and made do with that until now. My husband Doug put up white kitchen cabinets and it looks great! We couldn't do utility cabinets because of the size of the space but these are perfect! He also took the light fixture down and put in a recessed light and I am so happy with how it turned out. I love it! There are actually 2 cabinets, one larger than the other but it's holds all my sheets and towels in one and all the cleaning and laundry soap in the other.

I have my favorite blogs I love to read in the morning. I noticed that my friend Sandie hadn't been updating her craftycorral blog. Hmmm. well I guess we don't have to write it in every day now do we? lol WEll..this morning I figured out that I have been reading the wrong one. LMBO She has more than one blog and I know she mentioned something about updating one more than the other. I guess I had forgotten that part. Anyway, I spent the early morning catching up Shifting Winds. My friend Ghost also has a blog, wylderghost.blogspot I like to read. Both of these ladies inspire me so much. They can actually write their own crochet patterns.

Well...I am off to start my day. Until next time....



Anonymous said...

I know that in spite of the fun you are having riding the bike that you are also doing your heart a lot of good also. Lucky you. Thanks for the plug also. I consider you a dear friend and we hardly know one another. Funny how that happens.

Sandie said...

You must have been at the blogspot. I don't update that one any more but I hate to take it down cos you never know what I might want to do later. I also like to have an online one in case of evacuation. I can get to it easier. I update the but not daily. Just when I have something to say crochet-wise. Shifting Winds is the one I use to talk about boring family stuff and rants when I get annoyed with things. LOL Hope you enjoy them. I know I enjoy yours. Thanks for sharing.