Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Rachel and I just got back from our bike ride. It seemed to make sense going after dropping Steve off to work because it was right down the street. It seems to have gone quicker today. There also seemed to be more people there today at 8:00 but, that also make sense going earlier while it is still cool out.

Yesterday, Rachel had an excellent idea about having rib eye steaks for lunch. We also had Twice Baked potatoes with bacon and cheddar. Store bought. Not homemade. We don't do it a lot and it was a great day to be grilling anyway. Most excellent!

My friend Ghost tried this pattern,Sweet Scallops Shawl and found it to be giving her a hard time so I thought I would try it and help her with it if I found I could make it past round 5. I did not make it past round 4. I found I couldn't follow it. I did not rip it out yet. I amy try it again later. I did find an easier triangle one triangleShawl.html from the Lion Brand site. I am not using the Homespun yarn. I am using the Caron Simply Soft with a "K" hook. I find the Homespun is hard to crochet with. I can't find the stitches. It is better to knit with. If I make another one, I wonder how it would look if I do one row sc, dc the next row and trc the next row and repeat the 3 rows. Won't know until I try it. :o)

I did not get to work on taking the border down in the kitchen yesterday. I ran out of steam. Doug gave me some good pointers on how to get it off the wall, so maybe I'll try it today. Not much else going on. It will be in the 90's today and a good day for indoor projects.

Until tomorrow....


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Anonymous said...

I personally feel there are errors in that shawl pattern that I tried. I will wait and see if they post any corrections. the shells were just not lining up right. Thanks for trying it though.