Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Monday!

It's raining today in Newark and a much needed rain at that. I am not going to complain whatsoever. Seems like a great day to curl up with some yarn and a new project. I'm not sure if I am up to tackling anything too difficult or challenging today. Maybe I will make a shawl made with the HST that Yarney found. It is very easy to do. I have used that when I made burial pouches. It's along the lines of a Granny Square but a triangle. There is a group that is looking for shawls. We'll see how fast and easy this one goes and maybe I'll send it to them.

Before I start anything though, I'll go over to Lowes and check out the washers and dyers. Doug says they have some really nice ones there. I love the look of the new front loaders and the colors are great. Not sure if Doug and the kids have picked out a favorite already but I'll go over and see what I can find. :o) Rachel and I are going over when she gets off work.

Not much else going on today. Doug and the kids worked very hard on the house this weekend and it is shaping up quite nicely. We really haven't had the time or money to put too much into it but slow as it goes, things are getting done. At least we are not getting in debt up to our eyeballs trying to get everything done at once. We are not planning on moving any time soon, so, we have the time to do it.

Until next time...


Sandie said...

I also love the look of those front loaders. Maybe I will get one when my present machine breaks down. It's been walking around the closet the past few weeks. I think it's trying to escape. hee hee
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Sis has one of those front loaders. I wish I did. I am short and have a hard time reaching the things on the bottom of the washer. Hers is very nice and so easy to use.

Sandie, you just need to adjust the legs on the bottom of the washer and it will quit walking.