Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Wednesday!

It's a beautiful morning here in Delaware. Nice breeze and cool. A perfect morning for a bike ride around the neigborhood. I'll have to use my daughters bike, seeing as I left mine out in the rain yesterday. I have one of those gel seats on it and wonder how long it actually takes for one of those to dry out. lol
I think I am getting more relaxed now with doing this blog. It really is easier than I thought it would be.
I finished another burial pouch. This one is for a boy. The first one I posted a pic of, I had done 5 dcs around the border and looks a little ruffly. This one I only did 4 dcs so that it lays flatter. I have some squares made for another group that I will try and get in the mail today. I will have to wash the baby items before sending them out. Hopefully today.
Not sure how much crocheting I will get in today. It's my last day off before a 4 day work weekend. At least the weather will be on the cooler side until Sunday, when it is expected to reach 90.
Think I'll sign off now and start my day with that bike ride. :o) It makes me feel so much better when I get back.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Sandie said...

Hi Bunny! I am not familiar with the gel seats. That must be comfy. We got covers for our bikes, but it was such a pain to put them on each day that I am sorry to say our bikes get rained off quite frequently. I do enjoy bike riding though. We have to ride early in the morning or later in the afternoon when it is not so HOT!
Nice job on the blog.

Anonymous said...

The only bike I can ride is a stationary one, sorry to say. I also like the work schedule you have. I rarely got more than one day at a time when I was working.