Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I am making good progress on the shawl. I have gone through 3 skeins already. The skeins I am using are smaller than I normally use, so it's going to take more. I got 5 just in case. The shawl is suppose to take only 14 oz, but if you don't get enough the first time, it could happen that the store runs out. That has happened to me before and have had to do a border in a different color. Which is ok also. I may check out Vanna's Choice for my next project. She had some nice colors if I remember correctly. There was a question about the corners curling early on. Even after 3 skeins, they still curl a little bit, but when I lay it down, it straightens out. I am going to be putting a border on it. That might help a little. The border I'll be using is a 3DC in the first sp then sc in the next sp, 3DC in the next sp, continued around. This makes a nice scalloped edge. I could do fringe but just like the look of the scallops.

Not sure how much crocheting I'll get done today. It's my last day off before I go back to work tomorrow. I'm sure glad I haven't been working over the last couple of days. With the humidity the way it is, it must be terrible there. We take a lot of safety precautions though. Drink water, take a lot of breaks, they even come around with ice pops. They don't do much but it's a nice gesture anyway. The temp is suppose to start coming down tomorrow. Let's hope so. :o)

We went to look at the washer and dryers yesterday. We found a couple that we really like. We came back home to remeasure the space so we don't order something too big. I found out that with the front loaders, you have to use a low sudsing detergent. I did a search on the web and people actually make their own soap, because I guess the low sudsing is hard to come by. I don't see that happening. Although, the front loaders are very nice, they kind of remind me of laundromats. lol Of course they are much nicer than those. I may opt for the traditional. There are some very nice options there also.

Thank you Ghost for the hit counter idea. I had one on the site I had years ago and had forgotten about it. Not sure if I'll keep it but it's there for now.

Until later...

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Anonymous said...

I love my hit counter. Then at least you know you are talking to someone even if they don't leave paw prints. And that is fine.
I Love your new bunny picture too. Very fitting and she is so adorable. Reminds me of the book Watership Down, one of my all time favorites.
I hope you have survived the heat. Hubby said it is pretty hot at home too. It is nice here but I have not been out since we left for Reno.
I wish Kathy would get a blog!
Stay Well! Hugs,