Saturday, July 21, 2007

Back to normal

I am so glad I took off from work yesterday. I really needed that one more day of rest. I really did not feel up to doing a 12 hr shift. I was in bed at 9pm and woke at 2:30am. I have to be up by 3 so I just laid there for a while. I'm tired but will be fine once I have my coffee and get going.
I can't wait for Monday when I get get back to riding my bike or walking around the block again. I have had a week off and am feeling that also.

The FIOS tech from Verizon was here yesterday, hooking everything up. Computers, tvs, phone. He was here by 10am and gone at 4pm. I think it is suppose to make the computers faster and the pic more clear on the tv. I think it has done both. My laptop seems to be the same, but maybe not.

Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

They say rest is the best thing when you have a cold. Stay well now.