Friday, July 27, 2007

I know it is high unusual for me to be writing on a night that I am working but, I must just be in the mood. lol

Millie's friend Sheila finally received her shawl. I was getting a little concerned with the post office up there but, they did come through. Millie said she loved it. I'm glad about that. She also said that the people that she works with would never think about doing something like that. Sending things to strangers like that. How sad!

I looked into this new group Millie had mentioned in one of her emails. I found out that they are in need of toe covers for casts. They are using them as fast as they get them. I found a knit pattern that is very easy. The list Mom uses it so it must be ok. lol

I was watching Knitty Gritty last Monday and the show talked about different knitting needles. They are NOT created equal. Some of you may know that I do not like crocheting with Susan Bates hooks. They DON'T grab the yarn as some people would like you to think it does. (I know I just started something with this comment. LOL) Anyway..The Lion Brand circulars I use and have a hard time using were on the show and the woman said they were garbage. I have been using a Susan Bates circular needle and guess what. The size 8 I had no problem using! The needles are metal and the yarn slides right off. That is what is suppose to happen. The plastic part that connects the needles did not curl up either. I must have gotten a shorter one. I love it! I also have a size 5 and am doing well with that also. So it must have to do with the metal needles. It was also mentioned on the show about the part where the plastic meets the needles as not being very good on some circulars also. I'm not sure if I will be getting any more but, at least now I know what to look for. The speed at which I knit has sped up also due to the metal needles. Nice to know, huh?

Well...time to go and chill out for a while.

Until next time..

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Anonymous said...

Hrump! I am a Bates user and love the way they grip my yarn. LOL! But let's not fight okay, let's just agree to disagree. I am so happy your shawl was well received
and I am looking into the group also.