Monday, July 30, 2007

I am suppose to off today but one of the girls on this day shift is out so Barbra ( I work with her on my shift) and I are going to split the shift. Barb is going in from 5am - 11am and I'll work 11am -5pm. it should go pretty quickly. I'll be working with Vanessa today. She is very nice and a pleasure to work with.

I finished another toe cover for casts yesterday. This one is different in that it's crocheted and not knitted. Dana said the troops in the hospitals really need these. From what sahe says, the hospitals are cold. The patterns are easy enough, so I should be able to get a few of them made in a short time. They are also looking for 9" x 9" cloths. She sends bars of soap with these. There a few patterns out there, knit and crochet. If I have time tonight I'll check them out and see what happens.

Steve met this really neat girl, Kristy, on My Space, and Doug met her for the first time yesterday. Rachel made Fajitas and we all ate in the living room. I think Doug likes her as much as I do. He asked me who she reminded me of and I said Mike's girlfriend Tiffany. The way she talks and laughs and just in general. She also has a 6 y/o son. I do not know his name yet. He was not here because he was with his father. I told Steve, the best thing he can do, is to have fun and relax. If they are meant to be together it will happen. If not, he will have a wonderful friend and there is nothing wrong with that. I do hope it does though. :o) He deserves to have some good in his life for a change.

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Anonymous said...

It is good that you like Kristy, that must make Doug feel secure in his choice. And you are such a nice person to work on your day off. I always worked extra when they needed me also.