Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday stuff

I feel at a loss today and not sure why. Maybe because I lost part of yesterday due to going in for half a day. I really have not accomplished much of anything. I did put the dishes away that were in the dishwasher. I did put the garbage can out for trash pick up. Let's see....oh! I did bring Steve to work for 8am and just brought Rachel to work for 11am. Ummm...Oh yeah! I went to the post office to get stamps and do some mailing. I went to Pathmark to get things for dinner. Wow! I guess I get get a few things done. Gas is down to $2.70/gal here in Newark. I have not seen it this low in forever! I have 1/4 of a tank left and might just fill it up today. Who knows where it will be tomorrow!

I think I will find an easy shawl pattern that works up fast. I have been doing triangles so I guess that's the way to go. Of course if I make a rectangle I can make it bigger or wider as the case may be. We'll see. I know there are easy patterns for each.

I guess that's it for today.

Until next time...


Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

Hi Bunny,
Thank you for visiting my blog and giving me great feedback. I always read your blog but I am not one to post comments. I will from now on though.
It always seems like we are never getting anything done until we stop and think about what we did and that changes everything. :)
I know what you mean about feeling like you lost a day. I used to work in a Nursing Home as an aide and I used to split shifts with the other girls and that always made it feel like a day wasted. But then I'd realize that I made my patients day a little better so that made it okay. :)

Hugs, Scarlet

Anonymous said...

sorry I am behind in my blogging. Seems I can't manage to do it all and you know I have been busy with my hooks but I can't forget my friends. I often have days like this were I think how did the day get away from me and what did I do all day. Then I stop and look at it and it is amazing.