Monday, July 9, 2007


On Mondays and Wednesdays at 7am on HGTV, there is a show called Knitty Gritty. I like to watch it to see what they are making on that day. If I'm interested, I'll watch the whole thing. If not, I'll leave it on but I am off doing other things. Like getting ready to take Steve to work. Today when I turned the show on, they were loom knitting a hat. The way she was doing the stitches to me was interesting. I have made a couple of simple hats on mine but I guess I got bored with it. Anyway...the woman on there showed how to knit and purl on the loom. I was just taking the loops and flipping them off the pegs, I had no idea to make a loop and take the stitch off and put the loop back on the peg. Do I think I will try making this hat? I doubt it but who knows. lol I got my round looms a couple of years ago, just to try something different.
There is even a Yahoo group chat group for loom knitting. I'm sure there is all kinds of info there.

It is suppose to get up to 97 today with an overnight low of 80. I don't think I'll be doing too much outside if anything. I can find plenty to do inside without having to deal with that heat. Yeah..I know..if we lived in Nevada, they had upwards to 117-120! This is not appealing to me, at all! lol Not sure how people cope with that. I have a hard enough time with this. Sometimes it isn't so much the heat as it is the humidity. Just stand still and you sweat. Not pretty! Welcome to summer!

I'm not sure if I will work on the shawl today or do something different. I have yarn for squares or for whatever. I guess I'll just wing it today. Whatever happens...happens.

We had a 5 minute meeting in work and our supervisor,Scott, said how things were looking up and far as our yield goes. We were down to 38% yield and they wanted to get to at least 50% where we were. Well..Scott wanted to let us know that we actually got up to 55%! Excellent! All we have to do is to keep it there and keep our customers happy. He also had mentioned that there were 4 people that were going to be hired on next Thursday. Debby, Barb, Mike and me. We have to go through another 90 day trial period but at least we have already established ourselves over the last 4 months. We just don't get vacation, personal days or whatever until our 90 days is up. The only draw back is that we just can't walk out any more after our shift. We will have to clock in and out now. They have a computer to do this with and I can see it taking a little bit. Not like a regular time clock. Oh well...
This weekend I actually started leaving my dept when I was all caught up and learning new things. I have been wanting to go to the final inspection dept but, I have to wait until there is an opening, then I can put in for it. In the meantime, I want to learn different things down there so if I do get to go, it'll make life just a little bit easier. Plus my friend Debbie is there. So..we'll see what happens there. It's cleaner, less noise, and constantly doing something. Either making boxes or packing or any number of things.

Well...I think I'll go start my day.

Until next time....

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Anonymous said...

I wish I had seen that show. I would love to learn to do that. and I am a visual learner.