Thursday, July 5, 2007

Serafina Shawl

Well...I started the Serafina Shawl yesterday. The pic is through row 11. I said to what? It says to follow seq row 2, seq row 3, etc. Don't you know I was trying to follow row 2? No wonder I was having problems! *shaking my head* After my 2nd cup of coffee this morning, I decided to back and read through the pattern again. I read it a couple of times until I actually got it. I did rows 12 and 13 but, will frog them and redo according to the directions. lol Sometimes I scare me. lol
I'll post another pic as I get farther along with it. I hope this was the answer I was looking for.
Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

At this point it sounds like you really have it solved. Looks really nice, I like the color selection. You may have to keep this one for yourself. I think after a person has done this pattern once it would be easier.