Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lunar eclipse

I tried to take pics of the lunar eclipse but my digital camera didn't do a very good job of it. It was totally awesome! Within an hour it was totally covered. I had taken other pics but because of the darkness, it did not show up. :o)
I am working on another of Sandie's patterns today. I actually started it last night. It has a cross stitch pattern in there that I have never done. It is very easy to do and adds a nice touch to the heart. I'll post a pic tomorrow of it when I have more done. Job well done Sandie! :o)
Debbie and I are not going to Cowtown as planned. She has to take her Mom to have blood work done again today. They took her off some of her meds that she takes and they want to make sure that everything is ok before starting treatment. That is more important than Cowtown. We will try again for next week. Depending on what happens tomorrow and when they start scheduling treatments. We'll get there. I just think of the money I saved by not going.
Until next time...


Anonymous said...

I am so out of it I did not even know there was going to be eclipse. Nice shots. And you are right about Cowtown you will make it.

Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

Shoot I knew about it but I missed ours. It was around 2 am and I was even up. I get mad at myself when I forget things.
Beautiful pictures and I guess now I can say I didn't miss it thanks to you and your photos.

Thank you and big HUGS!!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the Cabana Link.