Monday, September 3, 2007

Heart Shawl...

This is a pic of the finished heart shawl pattern I was testing for Sandie. The one that Leisure Arts says that she can't post. UGH! It is a beautiful pattern and easy to work up. There are 6 hearts. 3 going in one direction and 3 going backwards.

Between MRIs, CAT scans, dentist appts., Debbie's Mom is really going to have a very hectic week. On Sunday Sept 9th, she has to go and have a bone marrow test. From what Debbie says, they do it through the back and it is very painful. For this reason, this shawl is going to go to Debbies Mom. With Kristy's help, I got her a couple of bookmarks also. One is: I Said a Prayer for you Today and the other bookmark is A Woman's Footprints - Jill Wolf. I wish I could find a link for this one. I don't think that I can write out what the bookmarks say because of copyright laws but, they are beautiful and I think she will like them. The only thing left to do it is to get a nice bag for them and give them to her. I was hoping it would be today but, not sure I can.
Other than that, not much else going on.

Until next time...



Sandie said...

Is this it?

maggiel said...

I'm wondering how you found out that Leisure Arts would not permit this shawl to be posted. To my knowledge unless it's an item made from one of our trademarked publications it's OK to post them.
Hermine linz
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Anonymous said...

The bookmarks are a very nice touch and a great gift. I am sure she will get a lot of pleasure as she rocks and reads with her shawl over her shoulders.