Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Front yard happenings

As you can see from the pics, all 4 corners are getting a much needed makeover. Curbs are getting redone and sidewalks. The sidewalks were really bad. The cement all broken up and just getting worse. We are grateful that we do not have to pay to get this done. :-) They just started this a couple of days ago and are pretty much done across the street. I will take another pic when they finish and show you the brick they are putting in down by the street.
Had I known this was getting done I would have taken before pics. Oh well. Needless to say, I did not get cleaning done as planned. I was going to wash my car also but with all of the dust flying, I decided to wait. Not much sense in doing anything until they are done. It shouldn't take too long now. I'm sure they will be pouring cement on our side today and they will be done.

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Anonymous said...

are those trees in your yard? I am so jealous. What character!