Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A new shawl pattern

I'm going to try the Wild Flower Shawl pattern. Scroll down the page to veiw the pattern.
Although I can knit and purl, I have never tried to psso (pass slipped stitch over) and all that other fancy stuff. Not sure why but, I guess now is the time. I searched the net all morning trying to find videos or instructions (which there are tons out there) on how to. Well, I didn't know what lace weight yarn was. Come to find out it is 2 ply. I experimented with the pattern with 4 ply until I felt comfortable enough to make this. 4 ply might be ok with a larger needle. The shawl shouldn't be too stiff. I have some white Bernat Softee Baby yarn with is Sport DK. It's 100% "Gentle Soft" acrylic so I think this might be fine. I'll try it and see how it goes. I am using size 8 straight needles. The needles are 14" long but, not sure how wide the shawl will get. I guess a lot of experimenting is going on. lol I may have to go to the circular needles later on. We'll see. The pattern is easier than I thought it would be so far though.
I'll post a pic when I get some of it made. Won't be until next week though.

Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

That is a very pretty shawl. Good luck on your efforts.