Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Birthday!

There are actually 2 special birthdays today! Doug and Kristy!
I hope you both have a wonderful day. I know Doug will be working today but, I do hope you will try and have a good day anyway. :o)
Steve took Kristy out to Longhorn Restaurant last night. He is also taking her to a concert tonight but, I have no clue who the groups are they are going to go see. Never heard of them. lol
Steve wants me to come home for lunch but, I'm not sure Doug will be up early enough to eat lunch at 11:30. Sometimes he sleeps past noon. I will only have 10 mins to eat anyway. I'll call at my morning break to see what is going on.
Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Let me add my Happy Birthday wishes to Doug and Kristy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ghost! Thanks Bunny!

Sandie said...

Happy Birthday to Doug and Kristy! Hope you have a super duper special day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sandie! except for work it was a wonderful Day