Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm giving up

I frogged yet again and started the Wildflower pattern over, I know I followed it, to the T, with the same results. I am not going to be messing with it any more. I am doing all of the yos like I should. I am increasing 2 sts every knit row. I end up with 31 up to row 28 like I should but, when I get to the end of row row 29 where it says knit 6, yo, k1, I only have 6 sts left. Not enough for yo, k1. I am now moving on. I have asked for help and if they come back and find the problem I may try it again but, not right now. It's a very pretty pattern but, it is too frustrating.
Here is a link to a finished shawl. isn't it pretty? So I know it can be done but..not by me I guess.
Posh Yarn even has a Yahoo group I joined to see if there was anything in the file section or some kind of help, and come to find out that the group just started in May. There are no files, no help section. The ladies were really nice in answering my question but, even that didn't help. :o(

I heard from Autumn in Texas. She received the shawl I sent. This is the letter I received from her this morning:

Oh is beautiful and the mother that receives it will be so did an excellent job....yes I will need more shawls....I am trying to see to it that every mother in my group receives one for Christmas as a special gift....something I know they will appreciate with all their hearts....however many you can send will be greatly appreciated....let me know how it looks from your end....I know that some others responded to the site that they were interested in making some to donate....per Janet....but you are the only one I have heard from that has donated a shawl...I need 35 all only 34 more to go!

With a lot of prayers and faith.... I know God will provide and meet this comforting for a mother to wrap herself within the warmth of the shawl as she weeps over the loss of her child....there is something extra special about a prayer shawl....and we bereaved mothers truly understand it!

Thank you for your beautiful gift....please contact me at either this e-mail or 817-596-0104 my home/office number if you have any further are a sweet blessing!

In Christ,
A Hole in My Heart Ministries

If anyone would like to help out by making a shawl, please let me know. I know Autumn would greatly appreciate it. I also realize that Christmas is not too far off and people like to crochet or knit items for Christmas presents. Just if you have the time.
I am going to be making her another one. I have 4 days off this week. I have some Sensations Rainbow Classic brushed acrylic yarn here but, being down in Texas, I still don't think the winters there get cold enough for this yarn. LOL I am going to get more Tweed. JoAnns so kindly sent me a 40% and 50% off coupon in my email. Wasn't that nice of them? LOL Just for that, I think I will have to pay them a visit this morning.'s almost 5am and my 1st cup of coffee is finished. I think I will turn on the news and start my shawl. I think I'll do another Half Granny. The one I made with the Tweed yarn before came out so neat. I could also do Sandie's heart pattern. That worked up quickly also. I know if I don't use a chunky yarn I will have to make adjustments. We all know how I am with adjustments don't we? LOL

Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

I will commit to one shawl Bunny for you. I would do more but list of To Do's is growing so fast and Christmas is just around the corner. So many needs, so little time.

Also, maybe that last yo, k1 is an increase for that row?????