Thursday, September 27, 2007

Missed Vanna

I did not remember to see Vanna White promote her yarn. I guess it was not that important for me to remember. I would have liked to have seen it though.

I did manage to see Dancing with the Stars last night. The results show always takes an hour. Not sure why. They have to recap everything! I enjoyed watching Dolly Parton. I have always enjoyed listening to her. Especially with Kenny Rogers. I did not realize the tap dancing guy, Savion Glover, was Danny Glover's son, but then Glover is not a popular name is it? or is it? He was ok if you are into the whole tap dancing thing. lol Mark Cuban better step up his game, if he wants to stay. He had the least votes for the men. I did call it right though, that Josie Maran would be eliminated. She was really bad! I didn't even know who she was. I kept saying..who are you? Of course I didn't know the racing guy either.
I'm really going to enjoy watching it this season I think.
I wish they had not put it oppsite Bones. I really like that show. I don't always remember what day it's on but, I do like it.

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Vanna did a 30 second spot at the end of the show saying she donated proceeds from her yarn to St. Judes and giving everyone in the audience a free skein of yarn. That was it.

I enjoyed the Dance show also. It is Monday and Weds as a rule this week was special.

Sandie said...

Bones used to be on Wednesday. They moved it to Tuesday. I caught Jane Seymour's dance on YouTube since that is my hubby and my dance class night. I didn't know that about Glover either. I also like Dolly Parton. She is such an interesting personality.

Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

I also love DWTS. I like the race car driver. He has a nice smile. Helio I think is his name.
I also missed Vanna. I do not watch Wheel as a rule but I did want to see it but forgot to TiVo it.