Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scarves for Millie

I was able to get the 4th scarf done and all 4 were mailed off to her yesterday. Since my laptop has been down due to the Trojan virus, I forgot all about taking a pic of it before I boxed it up. Just because it's down doesn't mean I couldn't have taken a pic of it to upload later. I just didn't think of it. Plus the camera is connected to the laptop and not Doug's computer. I may change that also. Just focused on getting it mailed I guess. I had 2 priority boxes left and used one for Millie so it will be there in a couple of days. The other box was used to send the shawl for Autumn Ater in Texas for A Hole In My Heart. I sent 2 shawls to her. That will be it. I do have another started and will finish that one up for someone else.

The status on my laptop is...Doug ended up formatting the hard drive. We did however get all of the files and pics and favorites over to his computer. We are now in the process of reinstalling everything. Such a pain!

I certainly hope today is better than yesterday. I felt so aggravated all day. Over nothing really. When I went out to the post office, I just took my time coming back. Can you believe I actually took a ride to JoAnn's and didn't buy anything? I bought nothing. I even had a 40% coupon and didn't use it. True story. :o)

As much as we need the rain, I hope it holds off until I can get some groceries this morning. I should have done it yesterday but didn't really want to. I just got enough for dinner and that was that. Oh well.

I guess that all for today. I'll continue downloading what I know what to download and then leave the rest for Doug to do. Not sure what else there will be but, I'm sure there will be something.

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Some days are like that. We just can't get up the energy or enthusiasm. Hopefully today will be better.

Anonymous said...

I have those days also. As to your work I am disappointed I don't get to see it but I know from past experience that the items was well done and will be well received. You do so much for others.