Thursday, October 25, 2007

Old job hiring again

I have been doing some thinking about seeing if my old job would take me back. When they first call me back I said no. Now I am having 2nd thoughts. There is good and bad at that job and the one I am at now. The thing is, I do not like getting up at 3am. Even if it is 3 or 4 days a week. When I worked at CPC (Ceramic Protection Corp), I only worked 3 days a week. Fri , Sat, & Sun and had the rest of the week off. I do not know if they still have those hrs or not. Doug seems to think they only have 2 shifts. Mon through Fri, day and night shift. I know when I was there, they were thinking about combining the weekend shift into the week shift.
One of the things I would have to consider is pay. Would they start me off the same as I left seeing as I am making more now?
One other thing is, when Doug and I go to Aruba in Dec., I have the weekend off as a paid vacation. If I go to the other job, I will not get a paid vacation. Not until my 90 days is up anyway.
I would not have tp pay union dues every month either. So maybe it would equal out somewhat paywise.
It is farther away than right down the street but, it is not all that much farther.
I would not be working 12 hr shifts. They would be 8 hr shifts. Which means maybe my feet would not hurt as much. Wouldn't that be nice?!
Also maybe I wouldn't feel so tired all of the time. Even on my days off. Maybe I have TOO much time off. I know I could get so much more done here but, I just don't feel like it.
I just don't know what to do! I have not got the energy to do anything any more.
I called my friend Betty yesterday and talked it over with her and she pretty much said to do what I had to do. Not much help there. The one thing she did say was..what do you have to lose by looking into it? Nothing!
I talked to Doug in the afternoon and he pretty much said to do what I wanted to do. Not much help there either. LOL He's worried about me being covered by insurance. If they hire on, I would be covered in 3 months time. Not like where I am at now.
The thing I keep in the back of my mind is being laid off again but, I was going to take classes through the unemployment. They were going to give me $2,5oo towards school. I was looking into that when the temp agency called and had a job for me. I would look into the classes again if it came down to it.
I just don't know where I would be happier. Maybe here? Maybe there? UGH! Decisions! lol
Maybe I will call and talk to Steve at CPC and just see what's going on and how it's looking. Really! What harm can it do? Right?

On the crocheting front. I did find a shawl I started and was working on that while I wasthinking. It is another Half Granny Square but done in Wool - Ease Blush Heather, Rose Heather and Dark Rose Heather. I have a few more rows to do and it will be done.
I may send it here : They have requested like 4000 shawls. Yes! 4000! There are lot of people donating so, I will probably send this one.

I guess that enough for now.

Until next time...


k said...

Bunny-When your in distress and seek guidance..The Lord have your answer in what you write-`seek the info at your old job'. It cant hurt & might be eye opening. You have intelligently got the questions laid out:vacation-pay-insurance-hours-travel distance. Your health is suffering-your feet are in pain & your are endlessly tired..These might be God whispers. You Must look into the other possibilities. If you have no energy, what good is a job that might pay a bit more but takes such a toll? if you have lost your Bunny passions what good is it having the week free? A while back you needed a job to ease your finances-now you have a good job Plus BUT you have paid another price. It might be time to be easier on yourself,physically-that might be the job to take or keep.
kathy g

Anonymous said...

The question you should be asking yourself is how much do you like the job you are at now. Not for the conditions or differences in the job, but how YOU felt about each of the jobs. Ignore the financial end of it. Which job do you like working best. I think that is a priority. If you hate your job your going to find that your body pays the price. Your tired because you get up so early in the morning. If you go to bed at 9 PM and get up at 3 AM you are only getting 6 hours of rest. Not enough time for you body to recuperate after a 12 hour shift. Bunny, I know money is important but you know what, I have never had enough all my life but I am still here. Do yourself a favor and go with the job that your heart feels closest too.