Thursday, October 11, 2007

Crochet Cabana contest

I finished 3 scarves for Millie. I will post a pic when I am in my computer. I have enough yarn to finish one more. Millie has done 8, I will have 4 and there are 3 on their way to her as we speak. That makes 15 and she needs 22 for his unit so, maybe someone else has one started one and will send to her. This dc pattern works up very quickly. It takes only a few hours to do one up.
Using a J hook, if I ch 30, it will be 11" wide. If I ch25, it will be 9" wide. I have been making them 46" long. A good size for a guy I think.

Sandie is having a photo contest at the Cabana this week. It's until Tuesday so that gives everyone a chance either during the week or the weekend to enter their photos. You can enter up to 3 photos. Well...I just went to check the photos and the crocheting is gorgeous. From doilies to afghans to dolls to just about everything. I have submitted 3 but, I don't feel they stand up to the rest. I had made a doll dress about maybe 4 years ago now and it came out nice. It was our son Mike's girlfriend Tiffany's birthday and I decided to make her a doll. I sure wish I had taken a pic of it. THAT I would have entered. Oh well.Sandie has also enlisted Dee (from Crocheting with Dee) to help judge the photos. Sandie is also doing it in such a way as to put the photos in with no names so that the judges will not know who entered what to keep it fair. I don't think Sandie will be judging because she said she knows so many of the people that entered photos she didn't think it was fair.
Good luck to one and all. I'm just glad that I am NOT one of the judges. I would not be able to pick just ONE winner. That's for sure!

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Sandie said...

Yep. All correct on the contest. I am not judging but I am loving looking at them all. There are so many. And Dee will make the final decision after we pare down the list for her. :-) One photo per project, and three projects can be entered.

Anonymous said...

I took a look at the work also and it makes me feel so inadequate as to crocheting. The work on some of them are so intricate. Stunning work. Great job on the scarfs for Millie. She is such a dear person.

Anonymous said...

Is there a pattern for the scarf?