Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Newton voted off

I just learned from the news that Wayne Newton got voted off DWTS. Seeing as he should have gone home last week, this is a good thing. I did not get to see the show last night, 1.) I honestly forgot about it & 2.) I forgot about it because I worked yesterday from 11am - 5pm and missed my soaps. When I turned soapnet on my shows (One Life to Live & General Hospital) were on and watched them until 11pm. Also cat napping in between. I did not catch up on All My children but that's ok. I'll get to see it this afternoon. :o) I don't remember what else I was watching before the soaps came on. That's when I must have been napping.

I have 2 scarves done for Millie. I just have to weave in the ends. I started a 3rd one and decided to knit it. I found a pattern were you knit one row and P1,K1,P1 the next row. I did this last night as I was wqatching my soaps and it is sooooo slow going. I may just go ahead and crochet this oone also. I love the look of the pattern but, when I could have gotten it half done already by makes me wonder. Especially when I have a deadline. Nov 2. I guess I just changed my mind.

Until next time...


Sandie said...

I watching Dancing and also think they made the right choice. I know he was disappointed - well, who wouldn't be? But someone had to go. They will all go at some point. He said last week that he lost 20# so at least that is good for him.

Anonymous said...

Those deadlines sure get in the way, don't they? Wayne was good to go.