Tuesday, October 9, 2007

DWTS again

Rachel and I got to watch Dancing with the Stars last night. I do have my favorite...Cameron Matheson...Rachel says I am biased although I don't see how. Just because I watch his soap opera every day? Hmmm. I did not get to vote however, so I have nothing to complain about if something goes the way I don't want it to. There were SO many good dancers last night. I was really amazed. Although I don't care for Sabrina..she IS good. Jane Seymour did an excellent job, as well Marie and some others I don't remember. As an entertainer and a showman, I do like Wayne Newton but, he really does need to be voted off this week.
After that, unbeknownst to me, I proceeded to fall asleep and woke around 11pm and went to bed.

I have finished one scarf for Millie to send to her nephew Richie's unit. I made it with Bernat Camouflage...Outback casting on 30 sts and using a J hook. The yarn label calls for using an H hook but I wanted it a little looser than that. I have already started on another one using Bernat Camouflage in Renegade. I was going to use the Desert Sand but, this happened to be right there. I am using a simple dc stitch throughout. I also made a border of hdc. I think I will see what a sc looks like on the next one. We'll see. I will post a pic when I have access to my camera.

The pic on the left is made with Bernat Outback and the one on the right is made with Renegade.
I used a J hook with both of them. With Outback I made a dc border and with the Renegade I made a sc border. I have to say I do like the sc border better. Millie would like these by Nov 2 so that gives me a little time to get them to her.
I am working some overtime for work today from 11am to 5pm. I will be doing sokething different by working in the warehouse. I have not worked over there yet so, I'm not sure what I'll be doing. It's only 6 hrs so it should go pretty quickly.

Until next time...
When I make guy things, I'm always afraid it is going to look to girly but, this does not.

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Anonymous said...

They don't look girly to me but I think a girl could use them also. I think Wayne needs to go this week too. I also don't think they were fair to Floyd. He dances great just because he don't want to wear anything but gym shoes.