Monday, October 8, 2007

Latest project

It seems like forever since I've updated. The blogs I visit don't always update either and I say..I wish they would update. I wonder if people say that about mine. Gee..I wish she would update. LOL So...ok...I'm going to do just that.

My latest project is a scarf for Millie's nephew's unit. His name is Richie and is currently in the Navy stationed in Iraq. He came home for a few days for his uncles funeral. Millie had made Richie a scarf and gave him 4 more in individual baggies for others. The only thing is, there are 22 guys in his unit. I told Millie I would make one and send it to her. Then there was some confusion over hich shade of camo to use. Desert Sand? Renegade? There was something at
The Ships Project that says they use Digital Camouflage - Blue/Gray, Desert Camouflage - Tans/Brown, but not Jungle Camouflage - the Olive Green/Black/Brown Camo. So being the kind of person that confuses easily, I opted for Outback. I had started the scarf 3 times in 3 different shades and this is what i am sticking with. It is browns and tans so I think this will be acceptable.

I think I will head up to Joann's to use my 50% and 40% off coupons. Life just doesn't get much better than coupons from JoAnns. lol

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

I hadn't updated in a few days either. But I am back and I try to update daily. You are such a giving person bunny. You help so many with your talents.

Sandie said...

What kind did Millie send with him? I don't have any kind of camouflage yarn now, more's the pity. I'd love to make a scarf?