Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I saw Dancing with the Stars last night and was so disappointed. I am not sure what people are thinking. It's not that I don't like Wayne Newton, I do, it's just that he was so bad this week. He should not have had the chance to go on to next week. Oh well. I really don't think he'll get too much farther though. I am not wishing him to be voted off if he improves, the competition is incredible this year.

My friend Debbie and I did get our work boots yesterday. I hope these are going to be ok. I think I'll wear them around the house a bit today and see what happens. You don't get much of a chance in the store.

I haven't heard whether or not Sandie got her computer back. I'm assuming not if it's only Wednesday and her husband can't look at it until the weekend. I could never figure out why people go and put viruses on computers. What do you actually gain from doing that? No way of finding out who these people are either.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the vote off of last nights show. I think Wayne should of gone also. He is a great entertainer but a lousy dancer.

Sandie said...

Yes! My husband had told me it would be an all day job, but he surprised me last night by saying we could make a start. Well, the start turned out to be a pretty big one! The actual restore did not take long at all. It is re-installing the programs and putting my data back. Much of that I can do myself so yay! If I don't have any more blue screens, we can count it fixed. I have only one disk I can't find, for my label maker.

Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

I agree with you Bunny, Wayne should have gone. I felt bad for Albert as he dedicated his dance to his grandfather and he was voted off, what a bummer.
I hope your shoes work out for you. There is nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes.
Glad to hear that Sandie is up and running again.


Sandie said...

Bunny, how is Debbie's Mom?